one source, multiple solutions


Within the innovative structure which has created a SPHAERICA group of professional undertakes an analysis of the wide range of requirement presented by its clients, identifies appropriate solutions, and provides the clients with effective asistance in the pursuit of their objectives.


SPHAERICA is a partnership for global consultancy which has surmounted typical problems produced by fragmentation of sources and fields of expertise, by establishing a highly-professional national and international network of individuals with complementary abilities working out of a single location.


The purpose of the initial contact with the client is to identify the relationship between the client’s needs and the services provided by Sphaerica.
A pre-feasibility study of the project is then prepared based on Sphaerica's initial analysis. At this stage, emphasis is placed on identifying undertaken for the completion of the assignment, with special account being taken of the deverse needs of the parties involved. In this way, the partners of Sphaerica can personalize the project and clearly set forth the objectives in be attained.


Sphaerica offers more than concepts: it suggests practical solutions and provides its clients with long-termo assistance in implementing the strategic choices it recommends. In order to ensure that the mutual interests of all the parties are respected, the fees charged by Sphaerica are tied to the addded value whih Sphaerica’s services give to the client’s project. In this way, long-term relationship can be created, the emphasis is on the results obtained..



The mix of local experience and international presence gives Sphaerica its competitive edge: the quality of the projects and the skills of the team members make up the elements which guarantee Sphaerica ability to interpret and adapt itself to different business cultures.


Sphaerica's missions to represent the interests of its clients globally by developing and supervising the institutional relationships necessary to bring a project to a positive conclusion.