Franco Danieli

Lawyer at the supreme court, specialized in international law, strategic analysis, economic development and institutional relations.
Elected to the Camera dei Deputati in the 12th and 13th term, he was appointed Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the D'Alema Government and Amato Government.
Has started the phase of the signing and ratification of the “European Landscape Convention” and defined the constitutional changes on the vote to italians abroad;
He promoted and signed many international agreements, including that of strategic partnership with Chile at the beginning of the Presidency Lagos.
Has organized the “First Conference of Italians in the world” and the “First meeting of the MPs of Italian origin in the world” founding its association, (to date 411 MPs in 41 national parliaments ).
Elected to the Senato della Repubblica in the XIV and XV legislature, he was Vice-President of the Committee for Foreign Affairs, President of the Italian Section of the inter-Parliamentary Union for relations with the countries of the former Soviet Union and a member of the Italian parliamentarian delegation to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, and to the Western European Union (W.E.U) in Paris.
He was appointed Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs in the II Prodi Government.
He founded the “CenRI” (Centre for international relations), and edited the journal of geopolitical studies "Analisi XXI".

Maurizio Sauli

Bachelor’s Degree in “Economy and Commerce” at the “Università degli Studi” in Trieste.
Employed in the foreign transactions department at “Credito Italiano Bank” (to day Unicredit) and then he is joining the financial and commercial department of Italcantieri with responsibility for the Comecon area.
He is moving to Hungary at end of 1982 as Siderexport/Finsider with responsibility of coordinating the IRI companies in the est-european area; in the period 1983-1989 he is assisting the IRI President Romano Prodi in his official trips and activities in the area.
In 1990 he is participating in the negotiations for the acquisition of Ganz Electric by Ansaldo/Finmeccanica (IRI Group) and in the period 1991-2000 he covers the role of the commercial and marketing communications Director.
From August 2000 he is appointed as Managing Director of Ganz Transelektro Transportation Rt. till the end of 2003; In this period he has leaded the company to be a major player in the european union market in the electric urban mass transit sector.
From 2006 to 2008 he covers the role of area manager for east european countries and Russia for Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali spa.
From 2009 to 2012 he takes the role of President of the italian Chamber of Commerce for Hungary.

Carlo Gilardi

Carlo Gilardi has more than 30 years experience in corporate structuring, management and engineering, marketing and distribution at a worldwide level.
His professional activities include CG Consulting (SITA, PERAS Group SA, Clessi SA, Vminds SARL, SIREC SpA, FINLOGIX Inc).
President and founder ARKHA1 SA, founder Novacom SPA, partner ETF Group VC Fund, founder and president e-nova SA, VP and GM Digital Channel Operation and PCBU EMEA (Geneva), VP and GM Zenith Data Systems EMEA (Paris), VP Nokia Data Systems (Geneva), MD Olivetti Holland (Leiden), VP Olivetti Management of America (New York), Director Olivetti Asia (Sydney), founder Hermes Italy srl, Vp and GM Digital (Ginevra), VP Zenith Data System (Parigi), VP Nokia Data System (Ginevra), MG Olivetti Holland (Leiden), Director Olivetti Asia (Sidney).

Maxim Bogatyrienko

Master of Science in the field of Solid Sate Physics, graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technolgy. Master of Business Administration graduated from AIBEC (Moscow).
Has a solid experience by working in big multinational corporations (Samsung Electronics, Siemens, Demag Cranes and Components AG, Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali spa, Weir Group) on the top management positions with responsibility for developing business in Russia and CIS countries.
Key competences are in the field of business development, engineering solutions&projects implementation, key account management.
Proven experience in organization of local production for different types of products, M&A activities, and foundation of JV with local partners and government organizations. 

Giorgio Ciani

Education and Training: University courses in Political Science, ISTUD, SDA Bocconi Master, Studio Ambrosetti.
Marketing & Communications Consultant with several years of experience in the field of consumer products, mainly with the Gruppo Granarolo S.p.A. in the areas of sales, purchasing, marketing, external, internal and institutional communications, events organization and media relations, international exhibition, digital marketing, movie production, celebrities management.
Partner e board member “Home Food-Le Cesarine”, founder e partner “Futura Film”, partner “Nimai Digital Company”
he was a consultant at Bologna Fiere for revitalization of “Cosmoprof”, the world’s most important event in the beauty market; executive producer at ITC Tools: Adv movies production, corporate and institutional films, videoclips, tv format, fiction movies and new media productions; communications Director and External Relations at Granarolo Group with the responsibility of directing all types of communications (Institutional, Internal and Marketing) and managing all of the activities of Advertising, Promotion, Sponsorship, Special Events, External Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Press Office and Webmaster.

Lorenzo Medici

Master in Project Management, University La Salle of Barcelona.
Senior advisor for special international project operations, with over 20 years of experience representing companies’ businesses overseas, managing technically complex assignments to foreign countries.
He's been member of the steering committee of entrepreneurs at the Italian Embassy in Budapest.
Recent achievements include during 2014 in Norway he advised Società Italiana per Condotte d’Acqua as to succeeding in the award of Railway Authority Jernbaneverket’s 1,2b NOK contract Drill&Blast of Follobanen’s construction project.
During 2015 he led two major Italian construction firms into the Swedish market and assisted them in achieving the award of Trafikverket's 3,7b SEK contract; "Vianini Lavori Plc" and "CMC di Ravenna Società Cooperativa" are currently constructing the largest Swedish tunnel located below the island of Lovön.
Since 2016 has been developing strategies and businesses in the Nordic region targeting contracts of complex construction projects, naval industry, mass transportation, oil and gas, energy and similar infrastructure.

Andrea Palumbo

Civil engineer, master in structural engineering at Politecnico di Torino.
After having conducted pioneering researches in the field of Fracture Mechanics and LENR, as qualified designer he provided solutions to consultancy engineering firms involved in international projects.
He developed his career abroad working for C.M.C. di Ravenna, supplying planning, production methodologies, BIM (Building Information Modelling) and management of subcontracts in several international construction projects.
Since 2016 he moved to Stockholm where he works as Project Manager at consultancy engineering WSP carrying on critical activity focused on the implementation of new technologies and BIM in the Civil industry.
Member of the Association of Engineers of Turin metropolitan city and of Sveries Ingenjörer (Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers)

Carlo Leopaldi

Born in Rome, he studied and lived in Trieste.
After the military service as Carabinieri Officier, he held various positions in the Sales Department of Lloyd Triestino Spa (Director of the Regional Office for the Indian Sub-Continent and Middle East in Mumbai (1981-87); Head of Development Europe Project in Trieste). From 1997 to 2000 he was General Manager of the Regional Office for the Asia-Pacific area in Singapore.
In 2000 he was appointed CEO of Lloyd Triestino Pacific in Hong Kong, a position he held until 2004.
In 2005 he moved to Shanghai where he worked as a consultant covering various positions, including that of Director General of Capital Logistic and Transport, a member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China, VP of the Board of Directors of the United Europe Chamber of Commerce in China, CEO of Link Shanghai Co.Ltd., a strategic consulting firm for the industry.
He is currently a member of ACN World Wide, a Chinese company that works in consulting with a focus on real estate